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Chris Valentino is a director, storyteller and brand strategist.

Writing, directing, producing and creative consulting are at the core of Chris’ work.  Through his companies Goodmor9 and Bean Labs, Chris offers full production support, editorial and motion design services.  In addition, Chris works with a team of talented cinematographers, composers and voce over artists to provide all-in services for creating engaging and story driven content.

Director Producer Chris Valentino

Over the course of two decades, I have immersed myself in the world of media, marketing, and storytelling. This journey has transformed me into a seasoned creative leader with an unyielding passion for crafting captivating narratives.

In my current role, I orchestrate the fusion of cutting-edge technologies with timeless brand narratives, redefining the art of storytelling.

With my background as a Director, Creative Director, and Producer, I have harnessed my skills to craft powerful brand identities, cultivate innovative concepts, and steer successful marketing campaigns. My skill set spans creative direction, artistry, persuasive copywriting, and the curation of immersive branded entertainment. I have experience in film and video production, as well as developing original programming and creating creative strategies. My skills are applicable across different industries like healthcare, entertainment, and consumer goods.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television, along with an award-winning background in Marketing. This combination of skills empowers me to craft captivating narratives that effortlessly push boundaries and leave a powerful impression. I have worked with a wide range of clients, creating powerful visuals and stories that motivate action and build lasting audience relationships.

I am dedicated to promoting innovation, empowering teams to create groundbreaking work, and establishing myself as a thought leader in the industry. I dedicate my career to pushing creative boundaries, telling stories that deeply touch people, and creating strong connections between brands and their audiences.

Drawing from my extensive experience, I am always driven to elevate the craft of storytelling and forge a profound connection with the audience. I am constantly exploring new horizons in the ever-changing world of creativity.


Live Action Storytelling.  Film, TV and the Web.


Web Consulting, Branding, Design and Copy.


AI + Augmented Reality Campaign Consultation.


Social Media Strategies, Consultation and Campaigns.

Producer Director Chris Valentino
Producer Director Chris Valentino Sunny Anderson, Michael Falaso
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Director Producer Chris Valentino