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Creative and Executive Leadership Successes

Digital & Transmedia Steward

Numerous accolades and media attention behind wins for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals.

Early adopter and innovator of Augmented Reality creative, strategy and promotion for Xerox, McDonald’s and others.

Led strategic and creative initiatives across digital platforms for major pharmaceutical brands including Remicade, Stelara, Simponi, Enbrel, PegIntron and Xifaxin.

Secured industry recognition for brand communication strategies, including awards for brand awareness.

Adept at handling multiple projects concurrently and meeting aggressive deadlines.


Marketing & Brand Direction

Champion for brand strategy and connection among creative company, agency affiliates, vendors and clients.

Drove company direction to streamline specific marketing goals and brand alignment.

Managed numerous accounts for project budgets ranging from $5000 to $2 million.


Staff Engagement

Fosters highly creative and productive culture.

Administered mentorship programs helping to launch post graduate careers for individuals in entertainment field.

Recruited and retained new hires and freelance personnel.

Championed cultural revitalization for new creative family environment.

A proven leader who successfully cultivates and manages a skilled and diverse staff of creative, technical and administrative individuals.



High-level strategic thinking.  Integrated the latest and emerging technologies with traditional brand dialogue to create effective and engaging branded content.

Drove steady engagement and awareness for numerous clients including: Citi, The New York Times, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Ricoh, History, Time Warner, CBS, NBC Sports, Saatchi & Saatchi and NBCUniversal. Solidified company reputation for quality and cutting edge solutions.

  • Technology Innovation: Early adopter and innovator of Augmented Reality campaign creative, strategy and execution.  Augmented Reality campaigns include Xerox JazzFinder, McDonald’s/Coke Fountain Joy, Mazda2 (ireland), Imag!ne WiMax (Ireland)
  • ROI Success: Proven ROI for clients across industry.  As a brand steward integrated Social Media, Mobile, Web, Story and Strategy into effective marketing.
  • Client Brand Management: Deep expertise in the health and wellness area, successfully executed marketing campaigns for Johnson & Johnson which garnered industry recognition and awards, innovation funding, contactable leads and universal brand impressions.
  • Agency of Record Wins:  Led teams to develop integrated brand identity, packaging and campaigns for clients such as Time Warner, ESPN, iNDemand and 1-800-OK Cable.  As AOR record growth was achieved along with numerous marketing awards.
  • Brand Management: As lead creative and brand marketer was influential in executing award winning campaigns and innovative creative strategies for a broad range of clients including: ESPN, Showtime, Nickelodeon, MTV, Time Warner, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, History and A&E Networks.
  • Branded Content: As a strategic and creative steward developed original branded content for television and the web producing over 200 hours of program material for sister companies Fangoria TV (Entertainment) and AniMagic (animation studio) as well as for clients including Rainbow Media’s VOOM, Showtime and ESPN.



Promax BDA Winner (gold and silver), CTAM Mark Awards, NY Festival Winner, Telly Awards Winner, Axiem Awards, Omni Media Awards, James A Burke Awards (Johnson & Johnson), First Run Film Festival Winner, Hampton’s International Film Festival Winner (Audience Award)