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Story Half Told: Beth Fairchild

Breast Cancer: A Story Half Told is an initiative by Pfizer in partnership with advocates, patients and healthcare professionals that aims to elevate public understanding of metastatic breast cancer, dispel misperceptions, combat stigma and expand the breast cancer conversation to be more inclusive of metastatic breast cancer.

In this video, Beth Fairchild, shares where she draws strength as a mother, wife and woman living with metastatic breast cancer.

Get Your Full Course

Sunny Anderson brings nutritional tips, personal and professional insights and health information to Get Your Full Course, an educational initiative designed to inform and inspire the hundreds of thousands of men and women who strive to live well with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) — which includes both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — and to set the record straight on common misconceptions about diet and IBD.

Cycle 4 UC

Cycle 4 UC profiles professional cyclist and UC patient, Cory Greenberg. The branded awareness campaign sheds light on Cory’s story and how SIMPONI® helped him improve his UC symptoms and continue to race.

Melanoma Just Got Personal

Melanoma Just Got Personal is a portal to help patients living with advanced melanoma (unresectable or metastatic melanoma) learn about the personalized nature of their disease so they are better equipped to fight against it. We had the privilege to speak with patients living with melanoma and their supporters as well as healthcare professionals who provided insight into the importance of knowing their diagnosis.  It was an eye opening experience to learn about the different types of the disease and how knowing your mutation can lead to better treatment.  The team at Novartis is dedicated to spreading this message.  

InnerState: A Journey of Hope

InnerState was the acclaimed first of its kind patient awareness film and marketing campaign created for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals (Centocor, Inc). The program garnered national media attention for its innovative approach to non-branded content. The New York Times, Reuters, AdAge, CNBC and other national media coverage helped promote the film across a multi-city tour.

New Way RA with Deborah Norville

NewWay RA hosted by Deborah Norville was a web-series created to meet the needs of the RA community by offering health, nutrition and fashion tips for living with severe to moderate RA. 

Fit In Your Skin with Jackie Warner

The integrated wellness program, Fit In Your Skin was an integrated campaign which extended across the web, social media, local events and direct to consumer DVD. The program, hosted by celebrity trainer Jackie Warner, was recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation for its engaging platform and rich educational resources.

Conversations with Hep-C

The emotional conversation captured the shared experiences of patients living with Hepatitis C and their journey to wellness and acceptance.  Prior to directing this piece I had an opportunity to get to know the participants and worked to create a comfortable environment.

Directed by Chris Valentino for Saatchi Healthcare.

DERM Approved

DERM Approved

I worked with the team at Derm Approved to develop the digital content for their site. Initial strategy discussions focused on talent, style, voice and brand message all leading to the creation of over 200 videos for the site.